Weight Gain Journey


I hope you are doing really well. I wanted to come to you today to share with you a journey I have been embarking on for some time now for almost two years. That journey is my attempt to successfully gain healthy weight. Big people are not the only people who sometimes have issues with weight. In fact, weight issues go both ways where one can be morbidly obese and one ca also be anorexic. Either way, both extremes are or may be suffering from some form of illness that prevents them from regulating their weight. I, on the other hand, do not suffer from any of these extremes. 

I have always been the skinny girl who can fit into any clothes she wanted (see pic below). I could walk into H&M and walk out with clothes where as some slightly bigger friends could not. I could walk into any store and be guaranteed an outfit. But as sweet as being skinny was, I knew wanted to gain some weight. Here I was, a whole college graduate and I only weigh 108lbs (48.98kg) and for the first time ever, struggled to find appropriately fitting business clothes. All the stores I visited somehow did not cater to me anymore (Businesswise). I did not let that deter me tho since the only reason I wanted business clothes was to attend job interviews. 

About two years ago, around January of 2018, I decided enough was enough. I was tired of being underweight and I needed to gain some healthy weight (I know you may be rolling your eyes but bare with me here). At some point you just want better for yourself okay? So I decided one morning I was going to get a gym membership. I had heard through YouTube and other social media platforms that weightlifting can help you gain some weight. And that afternoon after work, I walked my skinny behind into a Planet Fitness and got me a membership. 

But first, let me give you a lil background of me and the gym. We just didn’t get along (point, blank, period, as the kids would say). I hated the gym in my earlier years and avoided it at all cost. Besides, I was skinny so why did I need the gym? But now I need the gym to help me in my journey. 

I first went to the good ole Planet Fitness. It was a 3min drive from me and I figured I could use that as my beginner gym. I would go there first thing in the morning, work out, then shower and off to work. I did this for about a month until I realized there was an LA Fitness 1min drive away from me (how I did not know this is  beyond me). I eventually signed up with LA Fitness and kept visiting everyday. Even though I was beginning this healthy journey, I still drove to a gym that was a 3-5min walk. I would go every morning and eventually retained me a personal trainer. 

My trainer was good. I would make a 6am appointment once a week with her and we would go over my exercises and sometimes my diet. I did this until I had to move back to NYC and the cost of living went shooting up the roof. I had to cancel my LA Fitness membership.. I originally decided to keep my membership with them but unfortunately, it did not work out between us. Apparently, Upstate NY membership prices were different from NYC prices and I had to pay extra for what I truly think was a downgrade from the upstate facility. The only LA Fitness close to me was a 1 hour train ride away from me and a 30min drive away. I decided it was not worth it and canceled my membership with them (and that process was not easy). 

I decided to do some more research and eventually signed up for a new gym at Time Square called Mid City Gym. This gym is small and very Arnold Schwarzenegger-ish. Very old  school gym, almost like a basement gym (which it actually may be). I am currently lifting weights there 5 times a week and avoid it during the weekends. They have been instrumental in helping me with my journey. 

My goal is to reach 140lbs. I do not have a time frame to do so but I will do my best to reach my goal. But that is the reason I want you to embark on this journey with me.

Stay tuned for some more posts and workout videos soon!