First Week of 2021

Hi all!

So the first week of 2021 has been one heck of a week. But first, let’s make sure you are okay. How are you? How are you feeling?

I woke up this morning not knowing what I wanted to do. I did not update my planner for today so I guess I will be spending this morning just resting, which I have been doing a lot lately since I quit my full time job as a legal assistant. I unfortunately haven’t been feeling like myself (lol who am I?).

Well, since my morning is open I wanted to look back and reflect on how my 2020 went. The trials and tribulations of this year really stretched some of us to our breaking point in all aspects of our lives including health and finances.

2020 was a year I was hoping to accomplish many things. I wanted 2020 to be the year of traveling and building my business for me. Traveling abroad or just within the States. Sight seeing some mountains and foreign beaches is what I was looking forward to. But alas, the coronavirus shattered all of our plans. What we thought would be a one week at home to work is now turning into a year of hell.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) hit us like a brick. Just like the swine flu, it went global. The virus started from China but is unclear how it was contracted and spread to others. What we know though is that the virus was able to travel intercontinental. The virus is even in Antartica of all places!!! Italy took the hardest fall in the earliest stages of the virus spreading, killing off many of their older population and people with weak immune system. The rest of the world followed with their own sick and death toll charts.

In the US of A however, some of our dear citizens had the audacity to think the virus was a government ploy to take democracy and other nonsense away from America. As Americans we are so selfish and so individualistic that we just couldn’t fathom a virus is just a virus and that no one was out to get them. We lost so many lives this year alone to diseases and other factors, coupled with the outbreak of the virus and the world was taking a nosedive to hell.

How did the virus affect me?

I realized prior to corona I always wanted to work from home. When given the opportunity to do so though, I hated it. I enjoyed working for a few months from home. But since I had to work from my room, (which is also my oasis from negativity from work and outside world) I was stuck dividing my NYC tiny room between work and relaxing. It did not work for me. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be working from home as a legal assistant. But since there was a virus outbreak the situation became different.

Financially, I had full time job which I was immensely grateful for knowing not many people were able to keep their jobs. I was able to save some money and even purchased my second passenger car. This was not something I had planned but it happened and I could not pass up the opportunity.

I was also able to have a surgery I have always wanted to have since I was 14 on my foot (I had Brachymetatarsia on my 4th toe). I will update you on that in another post.

Every fiber of our beings changed in a course of a year from abnormal level of stress. And that is not taking into account those that passed due to the virus. After some time people just flat out did not believe the true risk of the virus. Our presidential administration was a joke and that is not just the presidential administration but the government in total. Yes, some of our officials actually cared about us but if commander in chief does not then there’s very little help our state officials can provide. We are currently in the 21st year of the century. Technologically speaking we have made plenty of advances but I thoroughly believe we care too much about the outside world (Space and aliens) and allocate more funds toward the health sectors. 2020 alone showed me how I’ll prepared we are for quite literally anything that affects our health. PPE supplies became political in a pandemic, like what??!?

Enough of my rant. How did your 2020 go? We’re you able to keep yourself afloat? How are your family and friends and how are you handling the current events? Let’s chat!

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