No Girlfriends?

I recently read an article on the Elite  Daily titled “Why You Should Never Trust A Girl With No Girlfriends” I was taken aback because this article is so blatantly wrong in reasons why some women have little to no girlfriends. The author Laura Argintar wrote that women who only have guy friends or as she calls it “the girl who opts out of the summer share-house by using some whack-ass excuse…”, only do so because they claim they do not want drama when they are the source and beginners of the drama they speak of. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

It is hard being a girl. Really, it is. Especially being in your 20s with as many girlfriends as the amount of fingers you have on one hand. While some girls do use the excuse of girls being dramatic, it is not the only reason or even a reason why some girls have more male friends than female. 

I am a girl with very few girlfriends. In my opinion, I always feel like girls I become friends with always have other friends they would rather hang with. Be it a best friend of a group of other girlfriends. I have always found it easier with males. They have always had an “I don’t give a shit” attitude. It is easier for me to talk to men simply due to the fact that I do not have to go into detail about what I am feeling with most of them and most importantly, I am a listener, not a talker. I don’t like talking much when I am with someone. I would rather they do the talking. You would be surprised how many men can talk!!!!! About anything and nothing at all. It could easily be a conversation about music to their pet turtles and girls! And trust when I say men do not stop talking when they are talking and as a listener I do not complain.

Throughout my college career I had the opportunity to join clubs and other activities which would’ve guaranteed me more girl friends but I was not focused on joining clubs. The courses were stressful enough for me. Joining clubs was not a priority when my grades were going down.

While we bash women for doing as they please, can the same really be said about a man who has more girl friends than guy friends? Or is this negative energy reserved only for women? We are so quick to jump down the throats of women whose actions we view as problematic and stay silent on the same issue when it is a male character. 

On behalf of all women with no girlfriends, we do not stay away because we find fellow women problematic or dramatic. We click with who we click with.

2 thoughts on “No Girlfriends?

  1. 😂 This was an interesting read really. Kudos to you. I’ve personally always found it easy to make friends, both male and female. I’ve come to realize that female friends are more energy consuming because most of us are emotional and stuff and this means that you just have to give more attention to your female friends in ways that you wouldn’t give to your male friends. As I type this comment, I have two close female friends that I can talk to about anything in the world, and a herd of male friends. My male friends are priceless. They’ve come through for me in awesome ways and so have my adorable female friends. It’s easier to find good male friends than females.

    Bottom line is, friendship is beautiful even if it’s with animals and stuffed dolls 🤣. And it’s not a crime to vibe more with the opposite sex in friendships than with one’s own sex.

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    1. Oh thank you! It is hard for people to grasp that we are all different and if you are female it is okay to have more friends of the opposite sex than yours. I thank you for your input! We are all different and that is what makes us who we are!


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