How To Start A Simple Morning Routine

Morning Routines

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Once again we are back and talking some more about our daily lives and routine. Morning routines and daily routines serve as a way to have a structured life. It helps you keep track of yourself and helps keep you accountable for certain things. You hear all the time to start a morning routine it will help you gather your thoughts and actions and organize your day but how likely are you really to start and stick with it? Keep reading and we will figure this out together!

Writing down my morning routine has helped me a lot when it comes to keeping my days, and especially, my mornings, organized and bearable. This usually starts from the night before, after dinner and cleanup. I take my showers at night so I shower and then hope into bed. This is when I write in my journal and document my day, what was good and what was bad and my thoughts. Then, I write down what I plan on doing in the morning. 

My morning routine varies depending on the day. Usually, my mornings consist of reading, gym, and work. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is brush my teeth and , maybe, wash my face then off to getting dressed for the gym. My bags are already packed with clothes for work the previous night so no need to pack in the morning. I then take the train to Times Square, where my gym is located. I work out for about an hour then shower and head to work.

Notice I did not mention breakfast. That is because I practice something called intermittent fasting. I do not necessarily skip breakfast, it just isn’t eaten in the morning. My first meal of my day comes at around 1PM and my window of eating closes at 8PM. This is a better way for me to eat and control my eating habits. 

There are many videos and articles about morning routines that usually takes more time than necessary especially when you are a beginner. Developing a habit is not as simple as people make it seem. Not everyone can wake up at 5AM in the morning and begin their day, especially when you have kids. You may wake up at 5AM but that time is not spent on you. You may also have a loved one who may need help in the morning getting ready and that takes time away from you. Start slow and develop a simple and steady routine. You can even incorporate children if you’d like.

To start a simple morning routine, you must have a good night’s sleep. You must be well rested to feel good throughout the day. Waking up 30 minutes before you need to get ready forwork  is all the time you will need in the beginning. If you have kids, try to wake up 30minutes before them if you want to do this by yourself. If you divide the 30 minutes into 3, 10 minute increments can be very helpful in developing a healthy habit. Before I started going to the gym, I knew I needed to develop the habit of working out at home before I headed to the gym. I would wake up 30 minutes before I had to get ready and do 15 minutes of yoga and meditation then the next 15 minutes was used to organize my thoughts and pray. I did this for three months before I actually signed up for a gym membership. 

You do not need to go cold turkey on your bad habits to see some type of difference. Most times, if you go cold turkey, you will fatigue yourself and may end up right back at square one. Taking things slow and monitoring your progress can make a huge difference.

Let me know how you plan on starting on your morning routine!!

2 thoughts on “How To Start A Simple Morning Routine

  1. 😊I love reading from you. Please scribble me in your journal as a fan😁. Do you also think we need emojis with diastema? 🤣I’m sorry, I’m just uuuh.. 😁 Please never stop writing cause I don’t want to ever stop reading from you. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿❤️

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    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words. There are so much in store this year and I am excited to start sharing them. Check in every week for new articles and please let me know if there is anything you’d like for me to touch on!


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